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I am a professional and a cook,rather a cook by choice and passion.Cooking is something I fantasise about.When I first thought of starting a blog,a thousand ideas coursed through my mind,albeit,none stood the sands of time.Except for the thought of a food blog accompanied by subtle nuances from daily life and from the world around me!



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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My blogging event is back - 'Lets Break Bread Together' yet again!

Yes, my dear friends, 'Lets Break Bread together' is back!The first time I hosted it, the event had met with a resounding success - thanks to each and everyone who cared to participate and send me their recipes and all others who were kind enough to take interest!!

I had thought of hosting the second version sooner than this but then things kept me tied back and I resorted to postponing it again and again.But no longer!I hope this version of the event will be graced will recipes as lovely as the earlier one. When I say 'Bread', I do not mean only bread-making or homemade bread recipes.What I intend to have is a plethora of recipes having 'Bread' in any form figuring in it!It may be a dessert or a stuffed sandwich or something with bread crumbs in it.It may just be anything under the sun!

So buck up and start posting your amazing recipes.I know there are folks out there who wanted to participate the last time - but had missed out!So here's your chance again!For those who have been here already, I'm sure this is familiar territory!:) For the uninitiated, please visit the earlier event links here and here and find out everything for yourself!
Here go the Rules - once again - 
1. The post having the recipe on your blog should carry a link to this event page on my blog.
2. The event badge above must be displayed in your post or anywhere on your blog.
3. The post may be a recent one or an archived post - 
I wouldn't mind as long as it links back to this page!
4. After posting the recipe, do leave me a comment saying what you like about this bread recipe in particular.

5.I would love to have as many posts as you care to send me! So no restrictions on the number of posts that you may send in.
6.Please use the Linking up tool below to send your entries.
7. If for any reason you are unable to use the linking up tool,please send me the details of your entry in the following format to my mail id - the.chef.sings@gmail.com

and I'll take care of the rest!

i. Blog post URL(not the Home page plz!)
ii. The name of your dish
iii. A photo of your dish that you want displayed

The event is on from July 20 to August 20. So you have ample time to post your recipe and then we'll all have a gala fun time breaking bread together!! Start linking up and hope you enjoy the event!:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

A thought to go with my Mango flavored Crêpes!

It has been such an enriching experience blogging here for more than a year and fifty posts past.I love the thought of food and how the same food item is often cooked differently in every other person's kitchen. I like the little twist in taste just because someone uses a different spice.If I had my way, I would spent my life tapping on a new door everyday and venturing about the kitchen and finding out how the lady of the house cooked her stuff.Only that someone or the other would lose her patience and drive me out with a broomstick! After all who has the patience to endure an alien snooping about in her kitchen!

But this strange fancy of mine has found its place of fulfillment in the food blogging world. Sitting at my laptop, I get to see how people cook differently in their own way in their own kitchen. I get to see beautiful kitchen paraphernalia -  lovely cutlery, beautiful tableware, awe-inspiring arrangements - and so much more! I know this sounds absurd, but I hope you will not disagree if I say that these definitely add a zing to the food we make and post to our blogs.

And then how do I forgot the blogs with amazingly good photography! It is the camera that deserves the credit but the one who wields the camera need not be underestimated, nevertheless!What would a mere camera be without the wielders skill of camerawork and the acumen to execute it?
Whatever it may be, blogging has opened up a whole new world for me -  a world to speak my mind, a world to be creative, a world to let loose, a world to mingle...a world to take things off my mind, a world to forgive and forget, a world to stay happy in and a world to keep others happy!Has blogging done something similar to you as well? I would be so glad to know!

Coming back to food, I had this crazily obsessive craving for something sweet a couple of evenings ago. I'm not too much into sweets as such and hence I don't pine for sweets too often. But that day it was different!

I had bookmarked a lovely recipe from Miri's blog  - Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Lace Crêpes - I had fallen head-over-heels in love with the dish the first time I saw it!It was gorgeous! I checked out the list of ingredients and voila!I almost had all the ingredients at home except...errr....the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate!But then I suddenly remembered two ripe Mangoes sulking in my refrigerator. Why not put them to use - thought my fertile mind!And so, taking a cue from Miri's recipe I thought of making Crêpes, albeit Mango flavored Crêpes. Thanks a ton, Miri for the incredibly amazing recipe! My Crêpes did not turn out to be the visual treat that Miri's Crêpes had - in fact, they turned out to be quite haggardly in that respect - nevertheless, they tasted good.So here goes my recipe - hope you enjoy it!

Sending this recipe to 'Tuesdays at the table' at Cole's place and Hearth and Soul Blog Hop # 57 !! Also this is my first entry to a beautiful little concept at Miz Helen's place named 'Full Plate Thursday'!! 

This also goes to one of my most favorite places - 'Fresh Food Friday' at Roz's place! Cheerio!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrating my 50th post with Pasta and Red Pepper sauce!

Guess what – I’ve reached my 50th post! Yipeeee!! Although I know I should’ve been here a long time back, I’m still pleased at myself, despite everything, for coming this far. Thanks to all my readers who have been dropping in time and again to take a peek at my humble recipes. And of course, how could I forget all of you who have been sweet enough to follow my blog! Thanks to you all!

This weekend has been one of the memorable weekends this year. Ensconced between Canada Day on July 1 and the Fourth of July, this weekend has been so perfectly placed. A good feeling pervades the mind as the week slowly draws towards the weekend – but I sometimes wonder, is there any reason in particular for which I should be happy for the weekend? Because almost all the household chores which I blissfully go on overseeing throughout the whole week wait patiently for me when weekend comes. And more often than not, my weekends turn out to be much more hectic than many workdays. Starting Monday, I start mentally listing all the tasks that I will oh-so-confidently take by the reins and work through during the weekend. By the time Saturday comes, the list grows so long that I mentally start calculating which tasks could actually be rolled over to the next weekend!

Inspite of all this, Friday night to me is the most coveted evening of the week. Feels like the precursor to a very eventful time! Eventful or not, the feeling I have is next two days of getting some time for myself. Friday night is the time when I can catch up on a nice movie for the simple reason that I do not have to worry about getting up early in the morning, even earlier than the alarm clock at times (phew!!). Friday night is the time when I can be experimental with my food – glut, gorge, binge or gourmandize – because I do not have to worry about being civilized in that respect. If anything goes wrong, I can pop a few pills and curl up in my bed and think of food all the day! This is how blatantly shameless I can actually afford to be!
Coming back to my blog, I would like to gloat about a very simple yet very tasty Pasta recipe that I had prepared a couple of days back. So far I had been having Pasta either with rich white sauce or with an assortment of veggies tossed together lightly. But this summer evening, I had been lusting to have something light yet spiced and on the whole tasty with a very lightly spiced sauce to go with it. And what better than a homemade Red Pepper sauce, which was not hot but flavored the sauce beautifully. So for today’s post, I would very gleefully like to share this recipe of mine with all my readers. Hope you give it a try and find it delightful enough to prepare it for your family! Happy cooking and happy weekend!

Sending this Pasta recipe to 'Presto Pasta Nights # 221' started by Ruth of 'Presto Pasta Nights' and being hosted by Helen at her place 'Fuss Free Flavors' this week!

This also goes to 'la bella vita' for 'Fresh Food Friday' at Roz's place!