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I am a professional and a cook,rather a cook by choice and passion.Cooking is something I fantasise about.When I first thought of starting a blog,a thousand ideas coursed through my mind,albeit,none stood the sands of time.Except for the thought of a food blog accompanied by subtle nuances from daily life and from the world around me!



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Friday, November 4, 2011

Yet another award - the Triple Cute Awards!

I have done something which I seldom ever do! Although I am a self-professed procrastinator and I've admitted so very truthfully in one my posts, I hate to procrastinate when it comes to thanking someone.

A couple of days back, I was greatly elated to find that Kalyani of Kalyani's Platter has been kind enough to pass on the 'Triple Cute Awards' award to me.Thanks so much Kalyani -  I am humbled! Any token of appreciation for my work is extremely coveted and this I say with all my heart! 
I was supposed to write a post on this and share this award with 7 more bloggers - but things kept holding me back! So in today's post, I have the privilege of passing on this beautiful award to 7 talented bloggers. Please do check out their lovely blogs!

Amalia at Cake to Crumb
Marelie at Cookie Droplets etc.
Patsy at Pattycakes in the Kitchen
Jaya at Spice and Curry
Kitty at Kitty's Kozy Kitchen
Amelia at Amelia's De-ssert
Tamara at Bite my Cake

Congratulations to each one of you!Please do come over and collect your award - hope you will display it on your blogs! An earnest request - please do write a post about this award and pass this on to other bloggers of your choice and help in spreading the love and appreciation.

I do have drafts lying ready to be posted, but all the stress has taken its toll!I will be back soon with another of my recipes suffused with my mindless banter, as always:) Take care in the meantime and have fun!

13 thoughtful musings left behind...:

Amelia's De-ssert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hi Sudha, thank you so much for the cute triple awards. I'm so happy to received it and really appreciated. Thanks for following my blog and leave a lovely comment in my blog. Have a nice day.

Marelie said...

Hi Sudha,
What a wonderful surprise!Just a while ago I checked my blog to do my post and I read your comment..you have an award for me.Thank you so much and now I am coming over to collect them.Cheers! and I appreciate you for sharing it with us.

Swati Sapna said...

Congratulations on ur many awards! You seem to be rocking it, girl :)

Ambreen said...

Congratulations on your awards :)

Sudha said...

Hi Amelia,
Thanks for coming and glad that you like the award:)Do keep on dropping by and have a nice day!

Hello Marelie,
Thanks so much dear - glad to have you here!Really nice to know that you enjoyed the award and wish for many more for you:)Keep on coming back!

Hi Swati Sapna,
You are right!!Its like a windfall for me and such a coveted windfall at that:)Having a whale of a time and am so happy!!

Thanks so much Ambreen!So lovely to see you here and really thoughtful of you to come down to wish me:)Do keep on coming back!

Cheers and thanks to everyone of you for writing in!

kitty said...

Congratulations, Sudha, on your awards!! Way to go!!!

Sudha said...

I feel so humbled,Kitty - I really do!Thanks so much for coming and congratulations on your well-deserved award!:)

Jay said...

congrats..your blog deserve this and many more awards in future too..;)
Tasty Appetite

Sudha said...

Thanks so much Jay!So sweet of you to wish for me - I just hope I keep upto it:)Do keep on coming back!

Amalia said...

Hi Sudha! I can't believe I won an award, my first one! Yay! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! I'm SO excited!! :)

Amalia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sudha said...

Yes,Amalia you actually did:) And it was truly well-deserved!I fell in love with your cute blog the very first time I browsed through it and now I check it out regularly.Thanks so much for coming dear!

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