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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Microwave Gajar ka Halwa (Indian Carrot Pudding) and Happy Diwali!

OK, so I wanted to wait before it was actually Diwali back home!
As a kid, Diwali was a festival that fascinated me with its fathomless spirit of festivity.It more or less trailed Kali Pujo or the sacred ritual of worshipping the Goddess Kali amongst us Bengalis which meant two consecutive holidays at school and that actually ballooned up all the fun!Kali Pujo meant getting pampered with firecrackers of all kinds, having the leeway of enjoying the evening at any friend's place whose parents would be kind enough to host a bunch of boisterous and super-energetic kids.Rituals were for the elders! Who cared, when all that I needed to do was pray and ask the Goddess for good marks in the exam that was nearest and for making me stay a good girl always!What lofty demands,but then I never wanted to debate when out of the corner of my eye,I could spy the firecrackers at stake!
And of course, there were the sweets and savories that went hand in hand with all the divine festivity.Living in a land far away from home now,the mind does go back to those days. But rather than wallowing in self-pity for losing out on all the fun, I find it better to try and make something that will help everyone around me feel the flavor of the festivity.And with the slew of microwaveable sweets doing the rounds in blog sphere, I settled  on Gajar ka Halwa or Indian Carrot pudding cooked the microwave way!Believe me, all the tricks that I tried worked and so I thought of sharing the recipe with you all. 
~Wish everyone a very happy and fun-filled Diwali!~

Linking this recipe to 'Diwali-festival of lights event','My Diwali My Wayand 'Festival Potluck'!

Microwave Gajar ka Halwa (Indian Carrot pudding)
You will need:
Carrots - 500 gms,finely shredded
Milk - 1 cup
Sweetened Condensed milk - 400 gms or 1 whole tin
Ghee or clarified butter - 4 tablespoons
Whole cashew nuts,for garnishing
Pistachios and almonds,finely chopped (optional)

How I made it:
1. Take a deep-bottomed microwave bowl and add the shredded carrots and milk. Microwave on HIGH for about 12 mins till the milk is reduced and the carrots start losing their rawness.

2. Next add in the while tin of sweetened condensed milk, stir everything together well and cook on HIGH for about 15 mins.Keep on checking the consistency and pause to open and give a stir,as and when needed.

3. If you need more sweetness, add in sugar from outside,but take care to have the carrot almost cooked when you add the sugar,otherwise it might become sinewy.Microwave for 5 more mins after adding the sugar.
4. Once done, add the Ghee and give a good stir.Microwave for another 6 mins and allow a standing time of 3 mins.Now bring out the bowl, add in the chopped pistachios and almonds. Finally garnish with cashew nuts and serve hot.Enjoy the sweetness and rich texture of the Gajar ka Halwa and wish everyone a very happy festive season!

Disclaimer: Every microwave oven has its own temperature and time settings.So I would urge everyone to keep a careful eye and adjust the settings as per the microwave at hand,and not go too religiously by my settings. Enjoy!

14 thoughtful musings left behind...:

Priya's Feast said...

Luv the microwave gajar halwa...The halwa is perfect and luks preety in vibrant color

Sudha said...

Thanks for coming Priya,and glad that you liked the dish:)Hope you had a happy Diwali!

Ann said...

Yum! Carrots made as a sweet? It sounds delicious!

Sudha said...

Hello Ann,
The Carrot Halwa is a much-loved sweet in India and believe me,it does taste yummy!!Do give it a try sometime and I'm sure you'll love it too:)Thanks so much for dropping by!

Ambreen said...

That looks fantastic, and so easy to make!

Sudha said...

Thanks Ambreen!Glad that you liked it:)

aipi said...

This is really an indulgence ~ Looks absolutely yummy!

Sudha said...

Thanks a bunch,Aipi!Great to have you here:)

Shabs said...

Ooooh , I have been thinking of this microwave gajar halwa coz I had made it when I was in high school , Thanx for the recipe , I am gonna make it straight away :D.

Sudha said...

Ohh,thats nice to know!Do give it a try and let me know if it worked.Lovely meeting you Shabs and thanks for following:)

Amina said...

First time here.. halwa looks fabulous.. glad to follow you.. do visit my blog sometime..

Sudha said...

Sure I will,Amina!Thanks for coming and for following me - so glad that you liked my recipe:)

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