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I am a professional and a cook,rather a cook by choice and passion.Cooking is something I fantasise about.When I first thought of starting a blog,a thousand ideas coursed through my mind,albeit,none stood the sands of time.Except for the thought of a food blog accompanied by subtle nuances from daily life and from the world around me!



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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black and White Wednesday with a cup of Ginger tea

Photography has never been my forte.Period.

But a year or so back, when the Husband spent a fortune over a Canon SLR, I spent no time in gingerly whisking away the docile Fujifilm digital camera, which had been giving us loyal company so far. Given the Husband's acute, sometime painstaking, interest in mastering his newly-acquired toy, I did not intend to be left behind and started dabbling in fits of photography here and there. I quickly realised that my naive Fuji could in no way compete with the thoroughly well-equipped Canon but did not lose hope - I knew I had to master any one of the fast mushrooming photo editing softwares. Picasa was handy enough - something that my thick brain could easily decipher and so I started delving into the tenets of photo editing. Soon enough, I could present a decent photograph.

So now, why all this history?When I bumped into Susan's lovely event titled 'Black and White Wednesday' and browsed through some of the most enticing Black and White photos, my hearted longed to give it a try. I was lazily sipping a cup of thick,sugary and very much boiled cup of Ginger tea one evening (pardon me, but that's how I like it!)  when I thought of clicking a photo of my cuppa.With the Jaipuri bedsheet providing the perfect backdrop to my black and white China, I found it the perfect guinea pig for my experiments!
And so you have it here!My cup of Ginger tea in Black and White and this is my very coveted and very first entry to 'Black and White Wednesday' a lovely and innovative event at Susan's place 'The Well-Seasoned Cook'.I have titled my photo 'Sugar and spice'.
Do let me know if my efforts have been worthwhile - I couldn't ask for a better way for narcissistic self-encouragement!:) Till then, have a lovely rest-of-the-week!!

5 thoughtful musings left behind...:

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

Beautiful click !!!

Swati Sapna said...

Nice pic! Sweet and Spice just about sums it up :) But next time you should try smething with textures... B&W pics always look beautiful when the subject has a rough texture... it comes alive!

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Thanks a bunch!:)

Swati Sapna,
Thanks so much for your helpful tips - will definitely try that out next time!Like I said,I'm literally a novice trying to learn the tricks:)Thanks so much for stopping by!

Susan said...

Great choice of coordinating patterns. I'd love some thick and sweet ginger tea. Thanks, WWW, for you BWW shot. ; )

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Hello Susan,
So nice of you to come by and leave a comment!Glad that you liked my entry:)


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