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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spicy Chicken Keema Tikki to spice up your V Day!

The little girl glanced at the watch on her wrist. It was a very recent possession - her dad had been away on work and when he came back this morning,he had remembered to pick something for his little girl.And it was the watch. A cute one with a yellow band and a butterfly perched on the second's hand,fluttering about the dial with every single tick!She was so excited and needed to tell someone.

Her tiny elbow nudged the little boy sitting next to her - he was trying hard to put his mind into sharpening his pencil,when the nudge came. She smiled shyly and stuck our her left wrist, a glowing pride all over her face.The little boy tapped on the dial and a smile lit his face when he saw the butterfly.

He pulled out his satchel and reached inside. Out came a tiny carton and he carefully pried it open with jagged nails.With a beaming smile,he held out a small toy car on his little palm for the girl to see.She took it in her hands and they giggled.She had a gift and he had one too - and they had shared the excitement of their gifts with each other.
That day,after school.when the little girl walked away holding onto her mother's hand,she looked back at her friend.He was still standing with the toy car in his hand and a quizzical smile on his innocent face. She waved back and kept looking on.She had a friend - one to share her happiness with!She trundled off with a happy smile on her face and promised to herself that she would save the last cookie and bring it for her new friend the next day!And yes,they remained friends forever!

A very Happy Valentine's day, my dear friends and here goes my recipe for Spicy chicken Keema tikki or spiced up patties fashioned out of minced chicken to spice up your V Day!!!

Spicy chicken keema tikki (Spicy minced chicken patties)
You will need:
Minced chicken - 250 gms. You can also use minced mutton or lamb.Works just as well.
Fresh bread - 2 slices
Milk - Half a cup

For the marinade:
Onion paste - 2 medium-sized onions or 3 tablespoonfuls if readymade
Ginger paste - 1 and half teaspoons
Garlic paste - I teaspoon
Coriander leaves  - Blitzed to a paste
Roasted and ground Cumin powder - 2 teaspoonfuls
Coriander powder - 2 teaspoonfuls
Red Chilli powder - As per taste
Cornflour - 1 tablespoon
Salt as per taste

For the Tikki or patties:
Biscuit crumbs - for rolling the patties before frying
Eggs - 2
Oil for frying - Vegetable or Canola oil.

How I made it:
1. Take the milk in a bowl and immerse the bread slices.When the milk is soaked up, gently press the bread till the milk drains out and the bread is reduced to a pulp.

2. In another bowl,take the minced meat and add the pulped bread. Add all the ingredients mentioned in my list for the marinade to the minced meat and mix very well.

3. Next add in the cornflour and allow the marinated meat to rest in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.You can even store it longer for better results but 3 hours is the least.

4. Take the meat out at least 30 mins before you start frying and allow it to come to normal room temperature before you start off.

5. Beat the eggs in a bowl and keep it aside. Pour out the biscuit crumbs in a plate so that it is easy to coat the tikki.Heat up oil in a pan for frying the tikkis.

6. When the marinated meat is ready, take about one tablespoonful of it and gently form a Tikki or patty pressing it on the palm of your hand to form a flat round patty.Dip it first into the beaten egg and then lay on the bed of biscuit crumbs. Roll over and coat the other side as well. Shake off the excess crumbs for the lean feel.You can form the patties all together before you start frying.
7. When the oil is hot enough, fry the tikki or patty on both sides till it is golden brown on wither side.Serve the tikkis with Pudina chutney or Mint chutney (Patak's Mint chutney is usually available at local grocery stores) or you can have it just with Chilli Tomato Ketchup.Serve hot and sizzling and enjoy with near and dear ones while Cupid has a busy day out:)

So long friends!Have a lovely Valentine's day!

4 thoughtful musings left behind...:

Jaya said...

Patak er chutney/pickles kothaye paba jaye na .. and loved the keema tikkis ..Milk e te bread soak kora amaar jonne very new but I guess it's worth it..
Chilhood crush is the sweetest and most innocent form of love, so true and so pure!!..happy V-day W3 ..hugs and smiles

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Addng bread soaked in milk actually makes the tikkis softer...just give it a try and I'm sure you'll like it!In fact ami alu'r chop eo ei trick'ta use kori and it works wonders:)

Thanks for your wishes and hope you had a lovely V Day too!


Anu Santanu said...

Yummy.. nice recipe.. I liked the idea of adding the bread to the Tikki.

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Hello Anu Santanu,
Glad that you liked my recipe and thanks for dropping by!:)


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