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I am a professional and a cook,rather a cook by choice and passion.Cooking is something I fantasise about.When I first thought of starting a blog,a thousand ideas coursed through my mind,albeit,none stood the sands of time.Except for the thought of a food blog accompanied by subtle nuances from daily life and from the world around me!



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Monday, February 7, 2011

Peas Pulao with Brown rice - yet another Brown rice wonder!

This post of mine goes to the 'Monthly Mingle' event hosted by Meeta on her lovely blog titled 'Whats for lunch honey?'.For the month of February,the event is being hosted by Astrid on her blog 'Paulchen's Food Blog?!' and the poignant theme for this edition is 'Small Bites:Soul Food For Your Loved ones'. Also linked to Debbie'e event 'What's on the menu Wednesdayand 'Midweek Fiesta # 6at Amy's place!
After a lot of deliberation for the last couple of weeks, I finally found time to invite a couple of our friends to dinner this weekend.The whole rigmarole of cramped timelines at work,coupled with a sniffle here and a sneeze there,had left me grumbling like an old hag!I desperately needed thriftless laughter and mindless banter to roll over my household - and who better to do that with than our dear friends!

The very thought of that gave me a reason to busy myself in something that I liked doing lots - decking up my den!There was this woven coverlet in burnt sienna that a cousin of mine had gifted me and I paired it with the earth brown cushions resting cosily by the wall on the divan.A bevy of pristine white long-stemmed Calla lilies made way into the sparkling vase by the window. A crocheted  tablecloth in shades of creamish white flew over the chairs and settled gently by the corners.

The Husband deftly propped up a wind-chime in place - how I had always wanted this to be tinkling and chiming with every gush of the slightest strong breeze ringing out a hollow note throughout the house!
                Pic source - http://sindianavisions.wordpress.com/2008/03/02/calla-lily-2/
By evening, my den was a tidier version of itself and ready to welcome our friends.The menu was fairly elaborate - all home churned stuff.The air was light and so was my head!

We had a long evening -  a lovely respite from the dull monotony of everyday life!The happy faces and shattering laughter,unbridled banter and free flowing thoughts struck a chord somewhere deep in our hearts.In the fast-paced world,where everyone is holed up in cubes and pie charts dominate our nightmares,there are days as this,when the heart does dare to kindle hope in true companionship.

Do you feel just the same?
Pic source - www.wayn.com
Of the dishes that I had managed to rustle out for our lovely friends, I will post my Peas Pulao recipe. I had learnt this very simple recipe from  one of my dear friends, when she had cooked it using Brown rice one balmy summer evening, a couple of months back. It does actually get ready in minutes and this time around,I had again used Brown rice just because a couple of my friends are health-conscious and hence too head-over-heels in love with brown rice. But the recipe works just as well with any ordinary long-grained rice.

Although I say this is a Pulao, I was not gutsy enough to cook it the traditional 'Pulao' way with the rice soaking up and cooking in measured quantity of water.I was too scared that I'd let the brown rice overcook and spoil its texture and hence I did it my way of cooking the rice first to the required texture and then tempering it.

I seek holy forgiveness of the Puritans!

My other recipes with Brown Rice are here:

And the brown rice steals the show!

Peas Pulao with brown rice
You will need:
Brown rice - 500 gms (Any long-grained rice will work just as well)
Onion - 1 big; julienned into thin slivers
Peas - About 75 gms(if frozen) or 100 gms of green peas.
Ginger- Half an inch,finely julienned.
Garlic - 2 to 3 cloves julienned
Salted Cashew nuts
Butter -About 50 gms
Cooking oil - 1 tablespoon (Vegetable or Canola oil)
Salt and sugar to taste.

How I made it:
1. Wash the brown rice grains very well under running water until the water is clear. Now take the rice in a  deep-bottomed bowl and add water almost four times the amount of rice.Allow the rice to come to a boil.

2. Once the rice comes to a boil,lower the flame and allow it to simmer. Please take care that water in the bowl is enough to keep the rice flowy and the grains should not be over-cooked.

3. When the rice is almost 3/4th cooked, take it off the heat and drain off all the water just as you would do the ordinary way of cooking rice.Once the whole water is drained, add a half of the butter to the almost-cooked-rice and fork through well so that the rice is slicked well with the butter.

4. In a separate pan, heat the rest of the butter and ad  the cooking oil so that the butter does not get burnt. When the butter is melted, add the julienned onions,garlic and ginger slivers and fry lightly on a low flame till the onion becomes translucent.

5. Now add in the peas and give a quick stir. Next add in the butter-slicked rice and mix everything over a medium flame. Add in some sugar and salt as per taste and allow the rest of the rice to be cooked.
6. When the rice is almost done, strew over the salted Cashew nuts and give another good stir.Your Peas Pulao with brown rice is ready to be served. I had it with my Chicken curry,the recipe for which I will be posting in my next post.It can be had with any chicken or fish curry whatsoever - and you can even dunk in your fork and have it just as it is!So do try out my recipe and let me if you liked it!Till then, happy cooking!

4 thoughtful musings left behind...:

notyet100 said...

looks delicious,.

Priya's Feast said...

I am so happy to see the brown rice,i am yet to start exprimenting on it..u got a nice blog..

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Hello notyet100,
Thanks so much!Liked your Sweet Rice recipe lots!:)

Hi there Priya,
Welcome to my blog and really glad that you liked my Brown rice recipe:)I have a few more on my blog so you can try them out as well...it turns out good and I can vouch for that!

Nice to know you and do keep dropping by:)


Amy said...

looks so delicious!!& nice pictures too..
Thanks a lot for linking with Midweek Fiesta.Hope to see you on next week too….
Midweek Fiesta @every Wednesday

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