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I am a professional and a cook,rather a cook by choice and passion.Cooking is something I fantasise about.When I first thought of starting a blog,a thousand ideas coursed through my mind,albeit,none stood the sands of time.Except for the thought of a food blog accompanied by subtle nuances from daily life and from the world around me!



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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!

Its hard to believe,but yes,my blog turned one today at the stroke of twelve!Happy B'Day to my blog!

It feels just like the other day,when sitting by the window, watching big,fluffy snowflakes perch on the denuded branches of a nearby birch tree, I was besotted with the thought of writing a blog. I had been thumbing through lovely blogs all over the internet for quite some time, and a wish to create something of my own whirled inside my head. I have never been either an avid writer nor a glorious cook,but somehow I now thought of marrying them together.It would be an online diary of sorts - so to say - something to chronicle the daily gruel that I was rustling up and also some specialties every now and then. Home cooking was what I had wanted to concentrate on!
                                                   Pic source: http://www.dlightonline.com
Thus self-inspired, I wrote my first post, this very day last year and set foot in this hitherto unexplored arena. I found it thrilling to be writing about myself,my recipes,things that were going in my everyday life - I wrote about the world round me.I relished scurrying about my kitchen space arranging my dishes for a fancy photo session, I made use of my china at the littlest opportunity available and soon enough,I was enjoying it all!

Well,it pays to be honest,I guess and so I must say that the number of people visiting my blog and leaving comments were not so flattering still.Not that I expected tons of footfalls at the earliest - I knew I was still a nascent existence in blogsphere - but still a part of me wanted to have more people dropping by and letting me know their thoughts.

And true to my wish, the visitors slowly started trickling in.My blog changed looks and for hours,I mulled over widgets and gadgets to embellish my piece d'art (if I may unabashedly call it so!).It felt so good just to imagine that someone had visited my blog and had gone through my posts - the happiness was too much to explain!In course of time I made friends out here as well, and they cared enough to leave me their precious thoughts!Thanks for all thoughts you have been kind enough to leave on my blog - each one has really meant a lot to  me!

And of course, there were the 'lurkers'!They would hover around my blog but never ever care to leave a line.It somehow felt akin to peeping stealthily through someone's window and looking askance the moment the door would be opened!These lurkers had been so rampant for a while,that for some time I actually expected them to figure on my Feedjit list as frequently as all my 'known' friends! Dear Lurkers, its not that I do not like you treading here, but I believe it is polite to leave even a line if I am visiting someone's blog.At least, I would be happy to know you and your thoughts!
                                                  Pic source: www.birthdaygreetings.in
Anyway, so here I am celebrating my dear Blog's 1st Birthday!I had a friend of mine bake me a lovely Coffee Cake with flavored cream cheese snugly nestling between baby soft Sponge layers.It was for a different occasional altogether, but since I could not bake one for my blog today, I'll post it in its honor!

Wish me luck for my second innings out here and hope you enjoy the recipe!:)See ya!

Coffee Cake with cream cheese filling:
You will need:
For the Sponge:
Cake flour - 150 gms
Castor (or granulated) sugar - 150 gms
Unsalted butter - 100 gms (at room temperature)
Baking soda - 1 teaspoon
Baking powder - 1 teaspoon
2 big eggs
Vanilla Extract - 1 tablespoon
Coffee powder - 2 teaspoons
Lukewarm water (to dissolve the coffee powder)

For the Cream cheese filling:
Cream cheese - 125 gms
Castor (or granulated sugar) - 100 gms
Vanilla extract - 2 teaspoons
Whipped cream - 100 gms

Cocoa powder for dusting on top

How it was made:
1. To make the sponge cake, take the eggs in a bowl and add the sugar to it. With a beater, cream the egg and the sugar together till the eggs become a light yellow.Next add the unsalted butter and beat well again.

2. In a separate bowl,sieve in the cake flour,baking powder and baking soda and mix well. Next add the cake flour mixture to the creamed egg and fold the mixture well. Take care not to beat it after adding the cake mixture;just fold to incorporate the air in and that is what will make the sponge cake light.

3. In a small cup, take some lukewarm water and dissolve the coffee powder in it.Once the cake flour mixture is folded well, add in the coffee and fold it in.

4. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.Take two baking tins and butter the insides with some melted butter. Now separate out the cake batter into two equal portions and bake them both together to get two sponge cakes.

5. Once the cakes are done (you can check for a toothpick or knife to come out clean), allow them to be in the oven for 10 more minutes even after they are done. This way the lightness of the cakes will not be crumpled by the heavy air outside and will be retained.

6. For the cream cheese filling, take the cream cheese(again at room temperature) and add in the sugar and vanilla extract. Mix very well with a spatula till it turns smooth and creamy. Next add the whipped cream(room temperature here again!) in dollops and keep on mixing, till you get a spreading consistency.
7. In a serving dish, place one sponge cake and smear half of the cream cheese evenly over the cake.Place the second sponge cake on top and smear the rest of the cream cheese filling on top. Smoothen it out evenly to cover the top. Next,using a sieve,dust Cocoa powder thickly over the white cream cheese top. That will not only cover all the unevenness,but will also complement the taste of the coffee flavored sponge cakes.

Phew!So much so about writing a lengthy cake recipe.My friend was patient enough to dole out three sponge cakes instead of two to have two heavenly cream-cheese filled layers.I was content with writing about only two here.You can make three layers if you wish to!Happy baking!

10 thoughtful musings left behind...:

eat, drink n rock said...

happy birthday to your blog!!!May your blog see many more years

notyet100 said...

wish u many more,..;)

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Hi Ayantika,
Thanks for your lovely wishes and so glad to see you drop by!

Hello notyet100
Thanks so much for your wishes:)Meant a lot to me!


Srivalli said...

Happy Birthday to your blog..

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Though I'm late here but still would like to wish your blog Belated happy b'day. Many you post many more such yummy recipes..Browsing your page...

Hamaree Rasoi

Medifast Coupon Code 2011 said...

Well happy One year to you.
And nice cake recipe, should make it up and we will eat together.

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Hey Srivalli,
Thanks so much and glad that you dropped by!:)

Hello Deepa,
Thanks for the wishes!It was really nice to see you drop by and glad that you liked my recipes:) Will visit ya sometime!Do keep coming back!


Medifast Coupons said...

Happy Birthday to your blog..
I like your coffee cake and your make plan is good...

garry sandhu said...

vry nice :) ~ <3 ~

Achu's Amma's Kitchen said...

Happy bday...Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a wonderfull comments...i will follow....

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