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I am a professional and a cook,rather a cook by choice and passion.Cooking is something I fantasise about.When I first thought of starting a blog,a thousand ideas coursed through my mind,albeit,none stood the sands of time.Except for the thought of a food blog accompanied by subtle nuances from daily life and from the world around me!



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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The icing on my Christmas cake!

Spent quite a lazy Christmas day this year!Pottered about the house putting all the wrong things in their right places in an initially sincere attempt to shrug off the lethargy that hung about my being.But deep inside, I longed for the welcoming coziness of my deep-set couch - the type that almost cradles you into its layered folds!Abstinence from this lure to let my already-rested body rest again has never been one of my known virtues - never mind the unknown ones!

I had not been giving myself the luxury of romping about in blogsphere for quite sometime now. Can't really cough up any veritable reason for that now but this way or the other,it was just not happening.So today,when a blissful day of practically no prior commitments and unmarked calendars lay ahead of me,I decided to do exactly that!And with the scene already set, I unabashedly lowered myself into the ohh-so-inviting couch and set out on my quest for all lovely blogs out there.

The spirit essentially being that of Christmas,I hopped from one blog to the next and was amazed at the whole gamut of delectable cookies,cakes,scones and Christmassy stuff that met my befuddled eyes!I felt like Alice in blissful Wonderland where all I could dream about were the lovely goodies and the beautiful photos almost seemed to jump out and permeate my senses with their mesmerizing aroma!

Soon enough I had managed to doze off with the warm sunshine lightly brushing my cheeks but not before I had listed down all the fantabulous creations to share with you this Holiday season.All the lovely ladies out there,whose blogs I had crept into - your lovely recipes were the 'icing on the cake' for me this Christmas season - a big 'Thank You'!!

Happy Boxing Day (and loads of luck for you to lay hands on the enticing deals this time around!) Viel Glück!

My choicest list of blogs and recipes:  

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happy christmas to you: candy cane crisp bark

lululu of lululu at home
Spiced Honey Lemon Cake
Apple Almond Coffee Cake
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Brown Sugar Walnut Shortbread
Strawberry and Cream Cake
Zebra Cake

Aqua of Served with Love
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Sacher Torte

Tara of Seven Spoons
One bowl chocolate cupcakes
Mocha Icebox Cake
Tangerine Almond Cake
Walnut Cake with Apple-Fig Compote 
Sugared Cream Scones 
Spiced pillow pancakes
Chocolate pots de crème 
Chockablock cheesecake squares
Condensed Milk Ice Cream 

A wee bit of sugar
Chocolate Cashew shortbread

...and many many more...before I dozed off!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Its Christmas once more!

This post of mine goes to the magical event on Meeta's blog titled 'Monthly Mingle'. For the month of December 2010, it is being hosted by Ria of Ria's Collections and the event theme is 'Chocolate Extravaganza'.Thanks ladies for the lovely event!:)

Its Christmas eve and I peer outside the glass windows of the store.Bells chime at the neighborhood Church and beautiful mistletoe wreaths adorn every door down the street. The snowflakes cascade down the clear blue sky,soft and white.As I walk past one of the houses, Rudolph the reindeer seems to wink at me mischievously ,hidden deep beneath a pile of snow in the garden with Santa manning the sledge - such a heart-warming sight!The nook above the keyhole on my main door has snow perched on it.It crushes at the slightest touch into a zillion shimmery splinters when I slowly prod the door ajar.The chill of the snow sears my now un-gloved palms. A thick layer of crunchy snow settles in a blanket on the fence outside my living room window.
Once inside the comfort of my home, I put the heater on and start embellishing my prized Christmas tree.I string up the lights and dangle them on the branches.A tiny stuffed bunny,boxes in cerulean blue with big yellow bows strapped across,shining stars and lovely tinkling bells strewn with silver tinsel looking like Moroccan Henna lamps adorn my coveted Christmas tree.A cake gets baked in the oven of my kitchenspace - a heady cinnamony aroma drifts through the house,peaking around the kitchenspace and then swirling about my decked up Christmas tree. It finally settles heavily in the Christmas air.
I put the television on and hear Doris Day melliflously sing 'Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow'. And what a lovely feeling it is!
I whiz back to the present and yes its Christmas time again - sans the snow,sans Doris Day!Yup I'm back to the city where I actually belong - the city of Bongs.And the city is celebrating Christmas in full glory.The lovely lights along Park Street, Harry Belafonte belting out Christmas tunes at Peter Cat, the bells toll at St.Paul's Cathedrals at the stroke of twelve,heralding the Midnight Mass.Christmas bells and carols reverberate throughout the city, drenching her in unadulterated Christmas fervor.

Christmas has always been a time for 'spic-and-span' fun.Everything feels so warm,cozy and lovey-dovey.For me,it was always a much-awaited entourage that would come with my music teacher tapping on the piano keys at school to Christmas carols and lovely feasts enjoyed with friends in the hallowed ambience of my alma mater.Not that I could make out much of the religious seriousness attached,but it would be a purely fun-filled time replete with the luxury of longers hours under the warm quilt in the morning, granted without furrowed eyebrows from my folks! An erstwhile 'study table' almost overloaded with paperbacks.Enid Blytons, Archie comics and Nancy Drews ruled the roost.The Hardy boys would not have my whole-hearted patronage at that point coz they proved to be too daring and frivolous for my standards. It was more Nancy Drew who kept me tamed and engrossed,almost subserviant for hours together.
And of course there would be Maa's piping hot Chicken Stew on Christmas day! As typical of Bongs,every delicacy for almost every celebration round the year revolved more or less around rice and curries.But for Christmas,it would be different.
Maa would cut up the potatoes into half-moons, cube up the juicy carrots.The onions would be diced up and shards of garlic,slivered ginger along with the onions and diced green chillies would be lightly sauteed in a heated wok.The chicken pieces,lightly dusted with salt and a pinch of turmeric powder,would next make way into the wok along with the potatoes and Maa would them put on the lid to let it simmer away.When almost cooked,Maa would sprinkle a pinch of black pepper on top and serve hot in large bowls.A loaf of freshly-baked bread would make way to the table and would be sliced up deftly as we looked on with gluttony eyes!And then we would dip in fat pieces on bread into the soup and gorge to our hearts' content,slurping off even the last piece of veggie dwindling at the bottom of the bowl!Ohh what heavenly peace!
The years have rolled by now,and we have crossed oceans to travel to different lands.But wherever we might be, the heart still harbors the lovely Christmassy memories from those childhood days of yore.I have managed to put together  a very simple yet slightly rich orange and whipped cream sponge cake infused with the striking bitterness of dark chocolate for Christmas this year.Would love to share the recipe with you!
Have a Merry merry Christmas and wish everyone lovely Holidays ahead!:)