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I am a professional and a cook,rather a cook by choice and passion.Cooking is something I fantasise about.When I first thought of starting a blog,a thousand ideas coursed through my mind,albeit,none stood the sands of time.Except for the thought of a food blog accompanied by subtle nuances from daily life and from the world around me!



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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A scathed ego and a 'fishy' balm!

The little boy was nudging me gently at my knees.That was what he could reach upto with his tiny rounded shoulder.I bent down to listen to him.He looked slightly grumpy and something was bothering him.I lent him a ear and posed to be very attentive to what he was going to say.The sparkling eyes shone like little blackish-brown marbles,the tears held tightly behind a flared up and bruised ego.I gently looked at him and he finally spoke up "Your room already looks so messy,Aunty.I know Uncle does'nt feel good with you gone."

The words stayed with me althrough my eighteen hours flight back home.The young chap had spoken up his mind,something that the Husband could not do but had been trying to do for quite sometime now.For the past few days that I had been packing up,he somehow seemed a bit distant.And the repercussion was so funny that I could not stifle a laughter,even amidst all my woes!I have always been very critical towards a largish dollop of butter or a heaped spoonful of Ghee,lest it add to the layers of adipose at the complacent midriff and turn it into a billowy sack!The husband had always given in to my fanaticism until this day,when two heapfuls of Ghee made way to his plate of hot rice.My instant admonishment met with a smirk and a curt whiplash,which when interpreted,meant that now when I was going to be away(as if deliberately!),how was I to bother,even if he turned into a veritable sack!It was childish but it was touching...a crude way of letting me know how much I would be missed. The words got caught up somewhere in my throat.

And then there was our neighbor,this little boy,who would love to hop into our apartment and have a hearty time.Somehow,the undercurrent of emotions had him caught in between and the pint-sized mind sensed our distress.And the words tumbled out.I never felt great from the moment I learnt that we would have to stay apart for sometime,owing to our respective professional engagements.Although it would only be for a month or so,it still felt so overwhemingly hurting!It seems naive to say so in a world where long-distance relationships and couples staying apart are so part of the moving world,but it takes oodles of grit just to let that happen.Leaving behind loved ones to fend for themselves is no easy choice.To the keepers of society,we are the unpardonably sinister perpetrators out to ruin the social decree of man-woman equations in the circle of life.But little do they understand the emotional cataclysm that one has to see oneself through before taking the plunge.

Be that as it may,I could not leave the Husband all on his own without having him partake a portion of my culinary know-how.When the gut starts to howl,little does it know that the chef is out for a stroll and trying to reason would have the same consequences as singing an out-of-tune lullaby to a groggy,sleepy baby!So I set up an impromptu cooking class and what else but fish was the first on my menu - 'Pabda machher jhaal.'Pabda' or Indian Butterfish is a very sophisticated fish, fit for a special spread and 'Jhaal' is Bengali for a lightly spiced gravy flavored with turmeric,cumin and coriander with fiery green chilies thrown in.After all,the Bengali and the fish have always been so blatantly inseparable!The Husband turned out to be an ardent learner(a hitherto unknown trait;)) and soon there was a plate of hot,simmering 'Macher Jhaal' right on the table.For today's post,I will share this uber-simple recipe...the one that even the accidental chef could charm me with!Happy cooking! 

Were you ever faced with a proposition similar to mine?In this fast-paced world,I'm sure many of you have.Share your experiences with me as I did.Maybe a word or two will ease your mind,just as it did for me!