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Friday, July 23, 2010

A day by the lake shore

The past weekend was a nice one!We had been having hectic schedules recently and an outing to lift our cranky moods would almost be elixir to us.So out came our thinking cups over our evening cups of coffee one day.We have been staying in this place long enough to have explored almost every nook and cranny that seemed to peek out from Google maps!But this would in no way be a visit to a place we had been before - it had to be a completely unexplored one!

After much debate and deliberations, we finally zeroed in on a place that had somehow managed to escape our attention this long!Plans of a visit to Sauble beach was immediately chalked out.Sauble beach, on the eastern shores on Lake Huron in Ontario, is a picturesque stretch of beach area and the favorite haunt of beach-goers on a hot summer weekend.Cruising along on a three hour long drive, we drove along country roads through small counties, some quaint, some queer and some upscale. We passed the town of Garafraxa, the name being more of a tongue-twister! The green fields of Chatworth passed by as I managed to capture the shingle of a lake respledent under the sun in its bluish-green hue. Driving past Hepworth and Abermarle, we finally entered Wiarton. The faintest tip of Wiarton along the town of South Bruce Peninsula is the Sauble beach. The name traces back to a French origin, when French inhabitants named the beach after the Sauble river which meets Lake Huron near the Sauble Falls.
The beach lay dotted with merry beach-goers lazing to their heart's content under the hot summer sun.The waters seemed a myriad mix of blue and brown with whitish waves lapping against the beach.A paintbrush was at work when beautiful billowy clouds adorned the otherwise azure skies.Everywhere, the colors seemed to play havoc setting aflutter every heart that was fortunate enough to be reveling here.
We intended to touch down upon Sauble Falls on our way back, and so we did!The Falls seemed to be a paupery remnant of some gushing waterfall once upon a time that had nevertheless stood the sands of time.The placid waters rippled mindlessly upon jagged rocks with a soft murmuring sound and finally nestled on a bed of rocks at the foot of the falls. 
The rays of the setting sun playfully mingled with the lime-green leaves of the trees around the lake as the heart heaved a gentle sigh!It was finally time to go back home.At that moment, it felt like I understood what Wordsworth actually meant when he penned the lines "And oft when on my couch I lie, in vacant or in pensive mood/ They flash upon thy inward eye which is the bliss of solitude." 
I unwittingly admit that this is indeed a very uncouthly put version of the happiness and peace that I happened to experience somewhere deep inside my heart, but the ripple of the gurgling stream and the surge of the lashing waves still ring in my mind and undoubtedly, the stupor still pervades!For today's post, I leave my readers with the exhilaration of my trip and memories abound.See you again shortly with another of my culinary creations!So long, happy reading!

2 thoughtful musings left behind...:

Jaya said...

pictures are looking so beautiful so I can imagine how it must be in real.
thanks for sharing these pics..
hugs and smiles

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Dear Jaya,
The place was actually beautiful.I wish I could share some more pics...maybe if I have a travelogue someday I will;)Thanks for coming!:)

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