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Monday, July 26, 2010

And the brown rice steals the show!

It had been a cosy Saturday afternoon sometime in November last year.The nip had already set in and the air felt chilly when it bristled against the skin.The stairs at the porch of our deck basked in the soft sunrays as a couple of us gathered for an impromptu gossip.One thing lead to another when all of a sudden,one of us came up with the idea of having Chicken Biriyani that night.We would have ample time on our hands to get together all the ingredients and once done,we would put on our aprons and get to work with lots of chatter,a munch here and a sip there!It would be a day well-spent!

No sooner had we put our minds to work, the chicken made its way way to the kitchen and one of us busied ourselves in washing it well and soaking it into the marinade.An expert chopper snipped her knife mercilessly through a couple of big,white onions,letting them roll out into white filigreed slivers.The chillies would be next and the others would follow.
Time rolled by,and by evening we had everything at hand;the chicken nestled cosily in the refrigerator,the succulent juices of the marinade inundating the insides.The spices laid out on the counter.Everything seemed perfect,but for the rice!Ohh so we had to get the long-grained Basmati rice from the nearest Indian store before we even started.Thank heavens that someone remembered!

The zip-locked packet of India Gate Basmati Rice saw us through.The zipper flew and out came the first handful of rice.But what was this?Heaped on a palm was this long-grained rice albeit one that was brown in color,not white and had the coarse husk about it.It did even seem polished!My, my...so there was this whole packet of brown rice which sat on our counter at eight in the evening.Did someone say we were supposed to have Biriyani?A virulent mayhem ensued, a couple of long faces - and soon enough,another bag of pristine white polished long-grained rice had been fetched from the store.The brown rice was banished somewhere,no one cared to know where.The Biriyani seemed divine that night after all that trepidation!

A long time passed by after that,and then I happened to chance upon the same bag of brown rice,sulking in the deepest abyss of my kitchen counter a couple of days back.I would in no way throw away these precious grains,the wordlywise mind thought.It does not bear the quintessential fragrance of its whiter twin,the same look or even the same taste for that matter,but then it is rice after all!I went hunting down recipes,lovely ones that would make the brown rice seem worthwhile.And lucky me, find out I did!I managed to lay my hands on this lovely Brown Rice Pudding from Madhuram's blog for eggless cooking and just tweaked it a bit to prepare the pudding which I will write about in today's post.There are couple of more recipes with brown rice that I eventually tried out and will post them in later posts.Thanks so much Madhuram, for sharing your recipe and letting me borrow it.The rice pudding earned me a thousand pats-on-the-back and it was indeed contentment galore!
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...and 'Let's do Brunch' at April's place!

Brown rice pudding

You will need:
Brown rice - 3/4 th of a cup
Gobindobhog rice (A special variety of fragrant rice) - 1/4 th cup
Sugar - 3/4 th cup
Milk powder - 1 heaped tablespoon
Milk - About 3 cups
Ghee or Clarified butter  -1 teaspoon
Elaichi powder
Cinnamon powder
How I made it:
1. In a deep-bottomed pan, add the Ghee or clarified butter and allow to melt.When hot,add the uncooked brown rice and the Gobindobhog rice together and fry lightly with a spatula.The rice should just be a bit browned and the fragrance should start coming out.

2. When the rice is browned, add in the milk and allow it to simmer.Wait for the milk to come to a boil and once it does,add in the sugar.Next add in the raisins as well.Keep on stirring so that the rice does not get burnt at the base.

3. When the milk will start boiling for a second time, add in the milk powder and watch the milk get thickened. The rice should get cooked in the milk and take care to add the milk powder only when the rice is on the verge of getting cooked.

4. Once the milk powder is added, turn off the heat and allow the pudding to sit.Sprinkle a pinch of Elaichi powder and a pinch of cinnamon powder on top and strew a couple of more raisins.The pudding tastes good both hot as well as refrigerated.Gorge on that one that suits your sweet tooth better!:)

5 thoughtful musings left behind...:

Bong Mom said...

Ami tomar darun korashuti kochuri ar alur dom dekhe, last week comment likhe gelam, seita dekhchi hariye geche.

Brown Rice amra pray i khai. Amar to ekhon besh bhalo lage, ami regular dal etc. diyeo Brown Basmati serve kori.

Eita besh paayesh er moton lagche

Wit,wok and wisdom said...

I'm really sorry about this...but I guess something was not ok with my blog template.Missed your comment!:(
Eta actually payesh,only thing it has brown rice in it.Original recipe'te 'Gobindobhog chal' chilona,but that was my addition...my Bong DNA got to work I believe;)Brown rice diye kichu recipe thakle post koro please!

Health Questions said...

Why not use brown rice? Sounds really good for a pudding, different color, very appealing.

Chaya said...

My husband loves brown rice recipes and now I have a new one. Thanks for linking this to Let's Do Brunch. I am going to feature it, tomorrow, so come on by and visit.


Wit,wok and wisdom said...

Ohh that was so sweet of you Chaya!:)Really thrilled to know that you featured my recipe and liked it so much!Makes me so glad!I'll definitely drop by - thanks for letting me know!


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